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Latex Figures: *.pdf, *.eps or *.jpg?


I don’t like *.jpg files. They are not clear in the final paper.

There are two good format for latex figures: *.pdf images and *.eps images. To use *.pdf images, you need to use pdflatex compiler. To use *.eps images you need to use latex complier. Another post has discussed it.

To plot a image, inkscape, winfig or vision. I like MS Visio!!

It is quite convenient for common images even with math symbols (use MathType). Make a visio image, then print it to pdf! (can not save as to pdf). Then you can directly use the image or use pdf to save the image as other formats, e.g., *eps.

One problem that *.pdf images may have is the non-embedded font problem. The final file may not pass the PDF Test when you submit the paper. One solution is just convert all pdf files to eps. I just succeed.

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